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Ian's "Double Guarantee" — The Best In the Industry
365 days PLUS an incentive to stick with the training and succeed...
Guarantee #1: You have up to 365 days (one full year) to tell me I didn't deliver enough value for your investment, and I'll refund your purchase.


Guarantee #2: If you show proof of earning your money back following this training, I will reimburse 100% of your first year's membership dues in exchange for a video testimonial.

Terms of Guarantee #1

You must wait at least 180 days after joining to claim this refund (i.e. you have to give me a chance to deliver the value I've promised you).

Refunds are not provided because you didn't watch the training, you didn't apply the training, or because you didn't achieve a certain level of income. 

There are no income guarantees associated with this training, but I WILL deliver the value I'm promising. It's up to you whether or not you "show up" and use it.

You have up to 365 days to study the training. If you've studied the training and don't feel I've delivered enough value for your investment, you must email me at and personally tell me that I've failed to deliver the value I promised.*

(* You won't be able to claim this truthfully, but I'll refund your original purchase if this is what you choose to do.)

Terms of Guarantee #2:

If you (1) send me proof of making your money back by following this training, whether that's via selling your own physical products, your own digital products, affiliate commissions, or some other form of income...

And (2) you provide a video testimonial for the training...

I will reimburse your original purchase price of this product via PayPal or similar money transfer service.

I offer this guarantee because your success is my #1 priority, and if you follow this training, you WILL succeed.

So here's your extra "kick in the butt" to stick with it, stay focused on the training, and build a profitable internet business once and for all.
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